Friday, July 30, 2010

Fender Telecaster/Fishman Powerbridge install - Part One

Here,on the bench, we have a USA Fender Telecaster. Certainly nothing wrong with the classic Tele bridge with three brass saddles. This guitar,however classic,belongs to a working musician who wants to bring one less guitar to the gig. (Kids,you'll get there eventually,trust me.) After much discussion of price versus performance,we ended up with the passive version of the Fishman VT bridge. The passive version meant no routing for a battery and no forgetting to change out the 9V before the gig,just what the owner was looking for. It also meant no Fishman Powerchip,the piezo volume control that automatically switches the piezo and magnetic signals to stereo or mixes them to mono. The powerbridge has a different mounting screw pattern but luckily,they provide a template. Just align the string holes and then it's over to the drill press we go. I also drilled the hole in the control plate for our switch. Using an On/Off/On mini switch,we have magnetic,piezo or both. From a distance,it keeps the Tele look. At the owners request,it was wired so,using a stereo cable,the the traditional Tele controls stayed the same and the piezo signal would be handled just like a "real" acoustic plugged into the PA system. It was taken
 out for some real world testing and,as I suspected,came back for some control modifications. Stay tuned for "Part Two"!!

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Mike said...


I know this is an old post, but thought I'd try and see if I get an answer.

I have the same setup, bought my guitar used, but the volume/tone control do not affect the piezo-system. For this I have to use the external Fishman preamp.

My question is: can the system be wired so that the volume/tone of the piezo system can be altered through the guitar's knobs, or do I need the special chip for this (which I do not want to install on my guitar).

Thank you!