Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Guitar Omnivore turns 30!!!

Part of this year's twenty. Geez, I'm getting old.Image via Wikipedia
Umm...30 days,that is. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by so far. This self-congratulatory blatant attempt to pad out the material notwithstanding,there's plenty more to come. According to my tracking numbers I've had 140 visitors from ten countries including the USA. Visitors from America came from fourteen states. That's more than I expected for the first month. If  you've enjoyed it,please help spread the word by recommending it to other musicians. Is there something you like,something you hate,something you have a question about? Please leave a comment or two,down below.
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Randy Jacobs said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Woo-Hoo!!!
Time to get all crazy with the hacksaws and G-Strings!!!

Phil Clark said...

Thanks Randy! Hacksaws and G-Strings? I think my band opened for the once. Phil

Beve Cole said...

Happy Anniversary, Phil! This is an excellent site. You should put a link on our facebook page. Lots of good info and networking opportunities.
Beve Cole
Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame

Phil Clark said...

Beve, Thanks for the kind words! Facebook is part two of this project so keep an eye out for me over there. Phil

ProFuzz said...

30 days of blogging - it's great! I'm sure that you had a good time writing this blog and gained some new online guitar friends... Am I right? Yes, it's very important to build a musical community around you, help other people, write good information and make a quality blog nowadays!

Phil Clark said...

Hey ProFuzz,Thanks for the insight. I hope you stop by again! I checked out your site. It's very cool. Phil