Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How to repair a loose end pin.

These old school style end pins have a habit of loosening up over the years as the wood of the guitar shrinks. This can end up as an embarrassing onstage moment or a dropped guitar! This repair is quick and easy but not for the feint of heart. One bad move and you could really mess up your guitars finish. You will need some super glue and super glue accelerator (or just lots of time) and some Q-Tips.
First,let me be very clear. We are NOT gluing the end pin to the guitar. The idea here is to build up a small layer of super glue to make the end pin hole slightly smaller. (Did I mention we're not gluing the end pin to the guitar?)
Take a glue dipped Q-tip and carefully swab the inside of the end pin hole,then repeat the maneuver with accelerator. Try fitting the end pin. It could take just one time through or it could require several passes. Go slowly and be careful. If this makes you nervous please support your friendly neighborhood guitar tech!

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