Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rikk Beatty

Guitarist Rikk Beatty stopped by Glendale recently to do a clinic for Digitech. Check out his custom finish Ibanez Prestige! He demonstrated the Digitech RP1000 and JamMan Solo. If you have forsaken multi-effect pedals as "tone killers",you might want to check out the RP1000. It features an impressive focus on keeping your
  sound intact,regardless of what amp you use. Even with over 160 effects the RP1000 keeps the simplicity of a stompbox.
 I like Rikks custom color version of the RP1000 in his pedal board,with a little "talent booster" and "ego booster" on the side! Be sure to see Rikk if he stops by your town. He makes it more than a gear demo by playing along with backing tracks from his latest album. Rikk is a versatile guitarist whose albums range from  power trio rock/blues,acoustic and vocal rock. His most recent album "Guitar Farm" is squarely in the Vai/Satriani instrumental mode.It is available from Amazon and his own website.

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Anonymous said...

reamboaRikk, I heard you were awesome at the Pied Piper in Charleston, WV!! Sorry I couldn't be there But Justin was vey amazed at what you can do on the guitar. Everybody said they had a wonderful time. Told you we all still love you even if you did abandon us! lol Nite guitar man, Lynn