Monday, August 9, 2010

Super rare Schon guitar!

Here's an interesting guitar that came through the shop for a setup. Many people don't know that Journey guitarist Neal Schon had a "blink and you missed it" guitar company. The most famous model is a single cutaway that was seen in the later Journey and Bad English era. Those models were made by the Jackson guitar company in 1986 and it's estimated that about 200 were made. When disagreements between Schon and Jackson caused him to move on,Neal turned to Canadian guitar maker Larrivee. Few Americans realize that during the 80's Larrivee also made electric guitars. Larrivee made a version of the single cutaway model but also made reverse Stratocaster style guitars called the Reverse Standard and the Reverse Custom. The guitars owner felt this might be a prototype and there seems to be evidence to support that claim. All of the scant literature I've seen shows the Reverse models only with an ebony fingerboard,a black headstock and back routed with no pick guard. Regardless of it's history,there's allot to like here. The frets are .116 wide but only .032 tall. Scale length is 25 1/2". The reverse Strat body,meant as a tip of the hat to Schon hero Jimi Hendrix,does look cool. The covered pickups with the Schon script logo in the bottom right corner are sharp as well. And what's with the LED and switch were the second tone knob would usually be? That's for the built in NADY wireless system,shown in the back photo. All in all,the Schon guitars were very high quality and showed some thoughtful variations on classic designs. If you would like more information on Schon guitars,check out the excellent Neal Schon fansite
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Stratoblogster said...

Cool find! Larivee currently has a line of solidbody electrics that sorta resemble Taylor's solids.

Phil Clark said...

Thanks,Stratoblogster! I haven't seen the Larrivee solidbodies yet but they look interesting. Seems like a Canadian take on the Les Paul but with a 25.5 scale length. Phil