Friday, September 24, 2010

Collapsed 1/4" Jack on a thin semi-hollow

Today's patient is a DeArmond Starfire Custom, a Korean made version of Guilds Starfire IV. These are pretty cool guitars with unique pickups,a retro pickguard and cool "D" logo knobs. It has a problem common to many guitars that have a 1/4" jack mounted on the side. When I received the guitar, the wood around the jack had collapsed and the jack was inside the guitar. Even worse, someone had tried to fix it using some kind of mystery glue. What they were trying to glue to what, we'll never know. Provided there is enough wood to mount it on, the common fix for this is to install a metal jackplate onto the guitar. After gently prying and scraping the glue off, I chose the square jackplate, to better cover the damage to the guitar. Despite a bit of cracked finish showing over the binding, it looks reasonably well tended to. Hey,John Scofield has one on his Ibanez signature model so it must be cool,right?
John Scofield playing guitarImage by Willem van Bergen via Flickr


Fajitas! said...

Hey Phil - it's Rafael... I'd like to thank you for doing the setup on my strat and breedlove. You made a $250 mexican strat sound better than a Les Paul. Quick question... what string cleaner/polish did you use?

Phil Clark said...

Rafael,Thanks,I'm glad you're enjoying those guitars! I use Dunlop 65 polish on everything.

Dustin Roadway said...

how did you fit the jackplate to the curve of the guitar? Is the plate curved or?