Thursday, September 23, 2010

Get hip to Rory Gallagher!

   A recent thrift store score of my favorite Rory Gallagher album reminded me how too few Americans are aware of Rory's great music. If you're into blues with a bit of rock,especially Stevie Ray Vaughan,Pat Travers or Robin Trowers,you'll find a whole bunch to like about Rory. He is,perhaps,only rivaled by Roy Buchanon in terms of high talent to low recognition ratio.Not just a guitarists guitarist,he was a great singer and songwriter. In addition to his trademark Strat tones he incorporated acoustic and resonator guitars into his sound.
   Forming the band "Taste" in 1966,they recorded two studio albums,a live album and supported both Cream and Blind Faith before breaking up. Rory recorded his self-titled solo album in 1971 and went on to record a total of ten albums in the 70's,considered his peak by most fans. Rory also collaborated with Jerry Lee Lewis and Muddy Waters and declined an offer to replace Ritchie Blackmore in Deep Purple.He went on to sell 30 million record worldwide. He received a liver transplant in 1995 but ended up dying of complications later. Fans of the SRV "relic" look would be wise to check out photos of his signature Stratocaster.
   Good news for those of you late to the Rory Gallagher party,or are just missing a Cd or two from the collection. In 2008 his albums underwent a remastering campaign. Because in record company terms,two years ago is a long time ago,his current catalog is heavily discounted on Amazon. Most of his prime Cds are available for $6.99-$7.98! Stock up,and tell a friend!



Steve said...

Too true! Rory was hot in the states for a while but faded too fast. The oe and only time I saw him was at a concert at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. Absolutely burned the house down. Another note was also on that bill was a little-known Canadian band called Rush! And this was in the the pre-Neal Peart days. My opinion of Rush at the time was that they sucked! They actually played two Led Zep covers in their short set. They were getting booed by people calling for Rory!

Phil Clark said...

Cool! You saw Rory and John Rutsey-era Rush! That must have been 1974? Thanks for sharing. Phil