Thursday, October 14, 2010

The EpiTurser Partsocaster!

Cooter's, The Dukes of Hazzard MuseumImage by voteprime via Flickr
Being the right age,I watched the Dukes of Hazzard when I was a kid. Due to the homogeneous nature of the plot,I really couldn't tell you much about it,aside from retrospectively wondering "Hey,who's job was it to fix the bridges in that town?". There is one scene that for some reason or other has stuck with we all these years. Bo and Luke were visiting their mechanic buddy Cooter. The Duke boys were unimpressed as Cooter showed of his latest hotrod, a primer laden,beat up wreck. Unimpressed,until he popped the hood to reveal a giant, powerful engine,whose parts were all covered in chrome. I have here,what may be the guitar equivalent of that car, a parts guitar that on paper,shouldn't add up to much.This guitar belongs to a working musician,and like a lot of working musicians,he's not to concerned about the sticker on the headstock.  Its a neck from an Epiphone Stratocaster copy,a blue Jay Turser mystery wood Strat body with paper thin flame maple veneer and a purple Fender MOTO pickguard. Not the most promising of combination of parts on which to build a tone monster. To the rescue comes the chrome plated engine in our analogy: Seymour Duncan! We've got the classic JB in the bridge,a Quarter Pounder in the middle and a Phat Cat in neck. Throw in a couple of wiring mods and you've got a massive amount of tones covered. The JB is wired to a three way mini toggle to allow series/parallel and split and there is a second mini toggle to allow all seven pickup combinations!
 What type of gigbag are we going to use with such an eye catching guitar? Naturally,the blue/purple combo screams out for a...camouflage gig bag!

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