Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Week Best Guitar Cd's - Week of 10/26/2010

Jimi Hendrix performs for Dutch television sho...Image via WikipediaJimi Hendrix-West Coast Seattle Boy: The Jimi Hendrix Anthology
  Despite the fact that Jimi Hendrix died when I was about four months old,he has been a "current" artist throughout my life. The amount of "new" Hendrix material is simply astounding. Certainly we must have heard everything worth hearing,right? "West Coast Seattle Boy" proves that idea false with 45 (45!) unreleased live and studio recordings. The 4Cd/1DVD set contains an entire disc of pre-fame Jimi,backing up the like of King Curtis,The Isley Brothers and Little Richard. While these tracks won't appeal to people looking for Experience era fuzz guitar freak outs,I like having an early Jimi set,all on one disc. The other three discs are full of fantastic stuff like acoustic demos for Electric Ladyland,stuff from Band of Gypsies legendary Filmore East New Years Eve 1969 show and a previously unheard version of Bob Dylans "Tears of Rage". The DVD is a documentary by Bob Smeaton (Beatles Anthology) and is narrated by Bootsy Collins.

Plenty more guitar Cd reviews below...

 Buddy Guy-Living Proof
  The title of the first song "74 Years Young"  let's you know where Buddy's coming from. Leaving little doubt he still has "it",Guys vocals are still spot on and his guitar playing is as ferocious as ever. Two guests spots,from B.B. King and Carlos Santana have mixed results. B.B. shares a vocal and lead guitar duet with Buddy and despite some trite lyrics,they both sound fully engaged in "Stay Around a Little Longer". Carlos Santana,who has been on artistic autopilot for years,is at least a better guest musician than he is a host. The vinyl edition luxuriously spreads the music over two discs with three side of music and the fourth side an etched version of the back cover art.


Jeff Beck-Live and Exclusive From The Grammy Museum
  This one gets a hesitant thumbs up. An enthusiastic endorsement for the music,Beck doing his magicians tricks on songs new and old. Why the hesitation? Two reasons. First,it's available only from Amazon. I have mixed feelings about exclusive releases,even when it's something really cool,like Record Store Day. They always inadvertently leave out a portion of the artists fan base. Strange as it may seem to you and I,not every Jeff Beck fan in the world has Internet access much less an Amazon account. Secondly,this is a made on demand CD-R,not a "regular" Cd. I'm willing to give them a bit of a pass on this one because it's $8.98 price seems to reflect this...and it's Jeff Beck.

Therion-Sitra Ahra
   Operatic power metal masters return with yet another new lineup,though thankfully ex-Candlemass vocalist Thomas Vikstrom is still in the fold. New guitarist Christian Vidal fits right in with powerful rhythm guitar and melodic solos.

Bryan Ferry-Olympia
  Ferry's solo music isn't always for me but his new album has appearances from David Gilmour,Nile Rodgers,Flea,Marcus Miller, Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood and most surprisingly, some guys he used to know: Brian Eno,Phil Manzanera and Andy Mackay!

Forbidden-Omega Wave
  Bay area thrashers Forbidden were among the second wave of thrash metals heyday. Their album "Forbidden Evil" is still held in high esteem among true thrash connoisseurs. "Omega Wave" marks their welcome return to active status and finds them as heavy as ever.

Chris Cain-So Many Miles
  The fact that the guests on this album are the Robben Ford Band and Larry Carlton gives you a sense of where Cain is coming from. Passionate blues with a bit of jazz flavor,played tightly and immaculately recorded.

Firewind-Days of Defiance  
  Firewho? Guitarist Gus G's stint with Ozzy Osbourne will certainly bring some well deserved attention to this Greek metal band.

King's X-Live in London
  Although I'll probably die without having forgiven them for "Ear Candy", they are still on my list of best shows ever (April 16,1994,Lost Horizon,Syracuse NY), so here you go.


Jazzonman said...

Buddy Guy's CD cover is just awesome. Somebody should make a wallpaper with this graphic.
BTW, as the musician, Buddy is never-old.

Phil Clark said...

Agreed on both points Jazzonman! That cover is just begging to be on a T-Shirt or poster and his playing is just great.