Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This Weeks Best Guitar Cds - Week of 11/09/2010

King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King (Box Set Limited Edition)
Anaglyph King CrimsonImage by fisherkiller via Flickr
  Not since the Beach Boys Pet Sounds Sessions box set have I seen this much space committed to a single album. All told this is 5 (!) Cds and a DVD of what essentially amounts to the same stuff over and over. Thankfully,this is an album worthy of such a feast of minor variation. So,what is on this thing?  You get the 2004 remaster,the original mono mix, a 2009 Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) remix,a declicked stereo vinyl transfer and the obligatory pile of alternate takes,live recordings,demos,BBC recordings and instrumental versions. The DVD offers a MLP lossless 5.1 surround mix and MLP lossless versions of the 2009 mix,the 2004 master and alternative mixes along with a video of "21st century schizoid man". 

Plenty more Cd reviews below...

Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan - In Session (Deluxe Edition)
   A meeting of two musical masters that actually lives up to it's potential? Could it be? I think so. Originally recorded for Canadian TV,this blues summit shows footage rarely seen since its original airing.This deluxe version of "In Session" keeps all 11 songs from the 1999 edition and debuts the official release of the video on DVD. This Cd/DVD combo seems an extra value because for whatever reason you can buy the DVD alone...for a couple more dollars. Such are the mysteries of modern marketing.

Dan Adler - Back To The Bridge
   Israeli born Adler brings in the heavy hitters for his second album. Here,he is backed up by Joey DeFrancessco and Byron Landham for a big leap in quality over his already impressive debut album "All Things Familiar".  Adler's playing brings to mind a funkier take on Jim Hall or Joe Pass. The trio has fun playing with tempo and time over standards and four Adler originals.

 Dio - At Donington UK: Live 1983 and 1987
   Thankfully,this posthumous release from metal legend Ronnie James Dio seems to be well chosen. Two of his best tours behind two of his most popular and enduring albums. Dio will be missed but hopefully there's more music this good in the vaults.

Graham Dechter - Right On Time
  Dechter is a guitarist who will bring out roughly equal amount of admiration and jealousy in most listeners. He's fantastic...and he's 22 years old. He is currently a member of the Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra and quite understandably borrows his backup musicians from that group. He's backed up by John Clayton,Jeff Hamilton and Tamir Hendelman.

Helloween - 7 Sinners
  With their 13th studio album,Helloween demonstrates why they are one of the most long running bands around. They are experimental enough to give you something different each time,yet still deliver the goods when it comes to power metal.

Tom Petty - Damn The Torpedoes (Deluxe Edition)
   So,yet another "deluxe" edition that makes you re-buy the stuff you already have just to get some stuff that really should have been it's own Cd for half the price?  Yep. Is Petty worth it? Absolutely.

Electric Wizard - Black Masses
  Although Black Sabbath is still the most obvious influence, Electric Wizard brings in far more influences to demonstrate they are arguably the best current band around in the epic/doom/sludge metal genre.

Atheist - Jupiter
  A new Atheist album? What? Can you pray to the metal gods and still be an atheist? Apparently you can. Atheist has long been a favorite to pull out of the trick bag to demonstrate to the youngsters that bands like Mesghuggah didn't just spring out of nowhere. I guess I should have seen it coming, with Cynic's 2009 return. What impossibility is next,a new Watchtower album?

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