Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Weeks Best Guitar Cds - Week of 11/23/2010

Robby KriegerImage via WikipediaThe Doors - Live in Vancouver 1970
   Guitarist Robby Krieger is somewhat undervalued by toady's guitar fans,which is a shame. This two Cd set captures Krieger and The Doors in absolutely ripping good form. The blues,always a part of their music,is heavily emphasized in this set,particularly with a guest appearance by Albert King,who plays on four songs. The Doors also play a couple of their extended compositions,including a nearly 18 minute run through of "The End". The concert seems to issued in its entirety,giving it a "you are there" quality,complete with between song guitar tunings  and Morrison's talking that may come as a surprise to younger listeners used to today's slicker concert productions. Kriegers guitar is well recorded and panned hard left giving us a chance to study his unique style with ease. Give this a listen!

Martin Kolbe and Ralf Illenberger - Waves/Colouring the Leaves ( reissue )
  Two albums on one Cd of fantastic acoustic guitar from the criminally unknown duo.Alternately dazzling and melodic,it brings to mind two Leo Kottke's or perhaps the work of Bert Jansch and John Renbourn.

Yngwie Malmsteen - Relentless
   Relentless indeed,as good ol' Yngwie pauses in his barrage of notes only to allow for some excellent vocals from Tim "Ripper" Owens. More of the same from the neoclassical master.

Eric Johnson - Live From Austin TX '84
   This Cd/DVD of Johnson's Austin City Limits debut features everything that was good and bad about Eric Johnson circa 1984: wonderful guitar playing in a variety of styles...over awful '80's drum sounds and vocals you could live without.

Embryonic Devourment - Vivid Interpretations of the Void
   With most of the eight songs clocking in at a bit over three minutes,this borders on EP length and gives this  band an almost punk like intensity. A refreshingly concise take on progressive death metal.

The Who - Live at Leeds ( Super Deluxe Edition )
  I wish I was making this up but they're actually calling this the Super Deluxe Edition. I guess they're saving the Super Duper Deluxe Edition title for a Tommy reissue. So, is this yet another repackaging of stuff you already own,with "bonus" stuff that really should have been it's own affordable release? Yep. In it's defense,"Live at Leeds" is legitimately some of the finest live rock music ever and the bonus material in question is the long unreleased Hull recordings. Is this enough to justify the price tag? That depends on how much goodwill you allow The Who from their increasingly dwindling supply.

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Rhetoric Camel said...

I have always given credit to the doors guitarist. He is great. I play some guitar, not as good as I should be for playing for 10 years... anyway, I always attempt to learn a doors song but then shortly after I give up.