Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This Weeks Best Guitar Cds - Week of 12/07/2010

Musician Eric JohnsonImage via WikipediaEric Johnson - Up Close
   EJ fans are used to having to wait years in between releases due to his perfectionist nature so it's no surprise it's been about five years since the last new album. Since it was close to nine years in between Venus Isle and Bloom, it would seem he's really picking up the pace! I,for one,wish he would loosen up a couple of notches and put out more of his music,even if it was less "perfect" than he would normally allow.  Luckily,this Cd is full of his usual high standard of playing. Although there are some of the unnecessary vocals he insists on including,the guitar is front and center through out.

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Giant Sand - Blurry Blue Mountain/Storm/Ballad of a Thin Line Man
   Between the release of Blurry Blue Mountain and the 25th anniversary editions of Storm and Ballad of a Thin Line Man it's been a really good year for us Giant Sand fans. Want to here a bit of what kind of music 100 degree heat inspires you to make? Give this a listen.

Robin Trower - The Playful Heart
  Although a bit more focused on slower and mid-tempo tunes this time around Trower is in fine form.

Yardbirds - Little Games (Reissue)
   This reissue of the 1967 album is the only full studio album with Jimmy Page as a member. It is,thankfully,remastered from the original mono masters. Although it wasn't the first time they had worked together,it also features and appearance by Page's future band mate John Paul Jones. Also available on 180 gram vinyl.
180 gram vinyl:

Django Reinhardt - Plays the Blues
  This two Cd set packs in 51 songs and delivers just what the title advertises. Starting in 1935 and going chronologically through 1950,this will serve as quite an eye opener if you are only familiar with his gypsy jazz or you haven't heard him on electric guitar.

Columbia Japan is releasing tons of Savoy label classics; several were previously difficult or impossible to find on Cd. If you're one of those weirdos who actually listen to music without guitar in it (ok,I'm one of those), be sure to seek them out. For some guitar related choices,check these out:

Kenny Burrell - Jazzmen Detroit
   Although the reissue lists Kenny Burrell as the leader this was actually first issued as a group effort featuring Burrell,Pepper Adams,Tommy Flannagan and Paul Chambers. It has also been referred to as "Kenny Clarke Meets the Detroit Jazzmen",Clarke being the drummer on the album. However you list it,this is essential Burrell!

Frank Wess - Opus in Swing
   This album finds Basie multi reed master Wess focusing on his flute. Double the usual guitar in the background with not only Kenny Burell but fellow Basie man Freddie Green,who as usual,throws down the most immaculate rhythm guitar on the planet. I'd be willing to bet,neither one of them used the Danelectro electric or Harmony acoustic pictured on the cover!

Herbie Mann - Yardbird Suite
  Need even more jazz flute in your collection? This album contains 1) actual proof that Herbie Mann used to both play jazz and wear shirts and 2) some fine work from the under recorded guitarist Joe Puma.

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