Thursday, February 24, 2011

70's Fender P-Bass workhorse gets a face lift

    Here's a little quickie to remind us that not every vintage guitar or bass is a collectors piece. Many of those fine instruments are out in the field doing what they were made to do...make music! This is a 70's Precision Bass that does duty at a local high school as the jazz bands workhorse. It regularly takes a beating from teenage students and I've already replaced the broken stock pickups a few years ago with some Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders (yeah!). As you can see, the pick guard has seen better days, despite reinforcement from super glue,shielding tape below and electrical tape above,it's falling apart. Time for a pick guard that can take 40 more years of high school jazz band: a metal pick guard! Looks cool and will definitely do heavy duty work.

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