Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quick and dirty neck repair on a childs guitar

   I run a clean,professional guitar repair shop and charge accordingly. People expect things to be done the "correct" way and so they should. Sometimes,however,you have to know when another guitar in the hands of a student is the better way to go. I came in work to find two guitars in for restrings. They were pink,child sized and identical except for the name of the guitars owner in purple glitter stickers emblazoned on the front. Identical except that one had crazy high action because it's neck was coming loose from it's body. I could call up the owner and tell them they could pay me more than the cost of the guitar to fix it or they could try to find a new identical guitar (and new purple glitter stickers!)... or I could take one for the team and just fix it in a quick, cost effective style. I tied a strap to the ends of the guitar,one at the strap button,the other at the headstock. I'll use a piece of scrap wood to apply pressure to the neck and pull it into place. Using Original Tite Bond (Original only please!) I squeezed  in as much as possible with my palate knife,cleaned off the spill out and left it over night. I strung both guitars the next day and they were good to go. I didn't charge for the repair,just the restring. Remember:
More guitar players =  A better world
 Gluing something at home? Don't forget my tips about using fresh glue found here: Date Your Glue!


david said...

A counter sunk long screw with washer through the heel and block can accomplish the same thing

Phil Clark said...

Yep,that's also a good way to go. I was going for something closer to invisible.