Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fender TENOR Telecaster !!?

Fender Tenor Telecaster
  Here's a guitar I bet you've never seen before. It was custom made for one of my regulars and is a one-off custom made four string Telecaster. Let's call it a Tenorcaster! It didn't need any work,he was just bringing it in so we could see it. That's the reason for the messy bench,I was right in the middle of hottrodding a Samick HJ-650. Those are the old Samick pickups on the bench. The guitar owner says it was made by a luthier at the Fender custom shop before it officially became the custom shop as we know it today. I have no reason to doubt him and the quality of workmanship and the Music Man tuners would seem to bear this out.
Tenor Telecaster neck pocket
 I wish I had gotten better photos of the neck/body area because it is a strange one! It seems the body is totally stock,with a regular neck pocket. This is a cropped version of one of the photos,but it will have to do.The part of the neck that goes into the guitar is full size,then it tapers into a four string tenor size neck. The fingerboard over the neck pocket is skinny and the pickguard is cut to fit. The six string bridge is a top loader and the pick up is also a standard six string pickup. All in all,this is one strange but really cool bird!
A regular six string bridge...on a highly irregular guitar!


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