Friday, April 15, 2011

Ibanez Model 308 student classical guitar.

Ibanez Model 308
   Here's a pretty humble but interesting offering for you. Ibanez guitars are very popular so I see lots of them in the shop,from vintage models in for a tune up to current models in to be setup in the M# or drop Z tuning the kids seem to like so much. What I don't remember seeing before is a vintage classical from Ibanez. This Ibanez Model 308 passed through the shop for a restring. This is definitely a student model. It features a laminate top and that evergreen classic of budget guitar labels,the "steel reinforced neck". To be fair,a truss rod on a nylon string is not traditional. They did choose to break classical guitar tradition by putting side dots (painted,not inlaid) on the neck. The rosette is a decal,common enough for a student model. The biggest indicator that this was a low priced model is the blatant file marks left on the frets from the leveling process. It looks like very little effort was made to clean them up,but does indicate that the frets were leveled,something that not all budget guitars receive. Overall,this was a nice little guitar that I would have been pleased to find at a yard sale or thrift store instead of coming into the repair shop.
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More Ibanez 308 photos,below...

Have an inferior feature? Advertise that sucker!
The World's Supreme Quality. Says it right there,must be true.
Hey,Segovia didn't need side dots!
Yeah,it's a decal,so what? Back in my day we had to make our own rosettes out of rocks and twigs!
Those frets have been filed,for sure!


Anonymous said...

do you have information on the M305 Ibanez. Would be grateful for your help if possible.

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I own an Ibanez model 337
Any information you can find would be great!