Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Fender MIM P-Bass Gets Upgraded

   Fender's Made in Mexico line of guitars and basses offer great value for the money. The good quality of the neck and body make them prime candidates for modifications. They make good "bones" for building your own hot rod version of a Fender classic, adding your own personal touch. This Precision Bass got hotrodded with black hardware including new tuners,bridge,string tree,and knobs,and was routed for a Jazz Bazz bridge pickup and active EMG's.

Plenty more pictures below:

  This 1994 Fender Precision Bass is an early example of the Mexican made basses and it's headstock bears the "Squier Series" logo. Fender was still hedging it's bets a bit at this point,not knowing if people would accept this now popular series.

We'll need to route the body for our new pickup.Correct placement requires you know where the center is. A center finding rule is invaluable!

A routing template allows the router to follow along the edge,making for a clean,professional looking installation.

To be able to get our pickup wire from the pickup cavity over to our controls,we'll need to make a hole. This requires a long drill bit known as an aircraft bit.

With a P-Bass,there are plenty of good choices for the 9V battery. I chose right here,using another routing template for a nice clean look.

EMG's and the new pots and jack are in place and looking good. That's a little piece of foam over the 9V too help it behave himself.

Here are the new tuners. If you'll allow me a moment to get on my "support your local guitar tech" soapbox (again,I know) I will point out that if this customer had consulted me instead of buying them online,I could have suggested tuners with a "footprint" that would have matched the old ones,making for a invisible upgrade.

Here's a closeup of the finished product. The Mexican made Fenders are one of the best values around and while they are good right out of the box,I enjoy personalizing them for customers. 

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Archtop said...

This was a great inspiration for my Squier Precision PJ upgrade, thanks !