Saturday, May 21, 2011

How do you make a great parts "Tele" even greater? Add a TV Jones pickup!

Here's our guitar "Before" the install.
  My friend Patrick has been having a blast getting his home guitar workshop up and running. He's been putting together parts guitars and practicing his finish work. This is a Tele style guitar he did a surf green relic style finish on. I did the bone nut,a fret level and recrown and with the exception of the copper shielding,I also did the wiring. After living with the guitar for a while,he wanted to bring it up a notch. Here's how it went...

This routing template,available from Stewart MacDonald or directly from TV Jones,will make the pickgaurd route look clean and professional. Two pieces of scrap wood drilled into the workbench lift everything up,giving the router room to work.

TV Jones pickups are mounted directly into the wood. I made up some spruce shims and because the copper shielding was already there,I screwed the shims down instead of gluing them.

In my opinion,unless you have a vintage instrument,this is the only jackplate you should even consider on a Telecaster.

Here's our new boy,safe and sound.

More importantly,here's our pinup decal. I wonder if she misses her left toes.

Our finished product. We had already added a 4 position pickup selector so there's plenty of twangy mojo here!


Bill Sheldon said...

Yup, that's one fine looking Tele. Nice job and nice, brief explanation. I have one of Patric's masterpieces (a G & L tele) but I'm starting to think I need a thinline from the two of you! Great photos Phil.

Phil Clark said...

Thanks Bill! Glad you like the guitar,we could probably be talked into building you one. Thanks for the kind words on the photos. This blog might as well be called "Watch Phil figure out how to write articles and take pictures." but "Guitar Omnivore" sounds cooler.

Charley said...

Well done! And you pulled off the pinup without making it look cheezy. I will have a hard time giving up my texas special in the neck. Guess it couldn't hurt to try.

Charles said...

Well done. You managed to pull of the pinup without looking too cheezy. It will be hard to make my give up the my Texas Special pickup in the neck, but it couldn't hurt to try. Totally love my 4 position switch too.