Saturday, July 9, 2011

Luthier Greg Robinson's wild new prototype guitar.

  Here's a sneak peek at a wild new guitar that's not even in production yet. Scottsdale, Arizona based luthier Greg Robinson stopped by the shop to get some feedback on his latest prototype.Everyone here,myself included,was very impressed. As you can see,it's Greg's own design,not a copy of anything. For all it's radical looks,the guitar was very comfortable to play. Ergonomics were spot on. His finish work was perfect,as was his fret work. I'm also a fan of his choice of parts,including the Seymour Duncan pickups and the Earvana nut. Greg hopes to start producing these in 2011,so I'll update with contact information as things progress.

Each pickup gets it's own concentric knob for volume and tone control,something Greg said might not make it past the prototype stage. The two mini-switches allow for series/parallel/split for each pickup.

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