Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rare Bird: Daion The '81 Caribou

  Here are some photos of a rarely seen guitar from the Daion guitar company,a Japanese maker that was around in the late 70's to early 80's. Many of their model are variations on the classic parlor,dreadnought and jumbo designs. As you can see,the '81 Caribou is something a bit different! This model is part of the "year series",thus the '81 is actually part of the model name. If you would like to learn more about this little known guitar company,there's a whole website dedicated to it here: Enjoy!

Plenty more Daion guitar photos below...

Cool tuning fork/lyre logo and sweet multi-layer binding.
This is the oddest part,a non-original saddle made of stone!
A brass nut on an acoustic? It's 1981 alright.


Captain Pickguard said...

Odd. The B string seems to be wound the wrong way on the tuner post.

Phil Clark said...

Good eye Captain! Also,those are electric guitar strings. This is far from the poorest stringing style I've seen on incoming guitars. Begining guitarists,stringing your guitar does NOT involve knots! I promise.

Anonymous said...

Hey, i have also an '81 carebou.
It was one of mine first guitars and bought it new in '81.
I payed it 9000,-BFR (220,-eur) at Rudy's Music Shop in Belgium.
This guitar is equiped with a brass bridge and top nut. This makes it sounds very metalic and nice. Under the bridge is a Piƫzo element with an vol and tone controll. Here now activ electronics.

I would never sell this guitar

Phil Clark said...

Thanks for stopping by Mr. (or Mrs.) Anonymous!

B Luc said...

Hello guitar lovers,music lovers,

A quarter hour ago I was going on the internet to search for the best sounding strings for my THE'81 CARIBOU (winered), I bought also in Rudy's Music Shop here in Belgium (I might think) in '81? or '82, it was then selled for half? price , 11000 befr= 275 euro's about. It is in new condition, so fine guitar! So what are the best strings set? Thank you for posting a reply?Luc B

Phil Clark said...

B Luc, Thanks for stopping by! I find any of the major brands of strings work great for me: D'Addario,Martin,Dean Markley,GHS,etc. For a bit more money and a string that lasts longer,I also like the Cleartone brand. Any kind of bronze string will sound great on your Daion.