Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Best Guitar Cds of the Week - Week of 09/06/2011

Lindsey Buckingham - Seeds We Sow
    Lindsey Buckingham fans are in for a treat. All the things you would want from a Buckingham solo album,the slightly oddball arrangements,the lush Beach Boys inspired background vocals,the unique finger style guitar, are not only here but are better than ever. Headphone listeners in particular will have fun as Buckingham,who handled all of the mixing and production duties,has his trademark guitar tone doing all manner of  cool tricks in the stereo field.It is,of course,the guitar in particular that caught my attention. There is an impressive amount of  drool-worthy playing that never takes away from the focus of the song.
   I was also surprised to notice that this is the first time Buckingham,a noted control freak,has released something on his own label. The freedom seems to suit him well. Instead of leading to self indulgence,Buckingham has released his most intimate and focused solo album thus far. No word on a solo tour yet but Buckingham reports he's hoping for a Fleetwood Mac tour in 2011.

Edguy - Age of the Joker
  U.S. fans,the domestic release will be out next week. If you just can't wait,or you want the deluxe,limited edition,2 Cd version,here you go!

Frank Sinatra and Count Basie - The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings
   Mid 60's Basie means one thing for guitar fanatics. You can actually HEAR Freddie Green in the mix,laying down the most flawless rhythm guitar in the history of the planet. That Sinatra guy's pretty good too.

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