Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Best Guitar Cds of the week - Week of 09/27/2011 PART TWO!

   Part two of "Best Guitar Cds of the Week"!? Awesome to see so much good guitar music,especially after some of the sad weeks we've seen this year. These are going to be short and sweet because I'm still sleepy from staying out late last night to see Joey DeFrancesco and his new trio. If he comes anywhere near you,DO NOT MISS IT.

Bill Frisell - All We Are Saying
   Quite simply,the best Frisell of the year,in a year with several great Frisell performances,with his best group yet,playing some of the best songs in the world. Go buy this.

John Scofield - A Moment's Peace
   Sco in straight jazz mode. Gathering up an impressive band of guys,they go for romance and ballads. This is some of the most nuanced and subtle work Scofield has ever played. Buy this one too.

Plenty more Cd reviews...

Joey DeFrancessco - 40
Absolutley fantastic organ trio jazz from the best in the business!

Stanley Jordan - Friends
   Jordan is one of those enormously talented guys who sometimes get a bit too "smooth" for my tastes. Some of the guests on this album,Russel Malone and Mike Stern especially,are guilty of that as well. Happily,there is plenty of quality music here,even if it is a bit too polished for me. In addition to Charlie Hunter and Bucky Pizzarelli,other guests include Kenny Garrett,Regina Carter,Ronnie Laws and Nicolas Payton.

Bernard Allison - Live at the Jazzhaus
   Second generation blues played from the heart.

Strawbs - Acoustic Gold
  Most Americans will never have the pleasure of realizing that "progressive folk" isn't an oxymoron.Touring for awhile now as "Acoustic Strawbs",this type of release makes sense.A collection of previously released acoustic Strawbs,some out of print,and a few new versions recorded for this release. They are currently on tour with The Zombies. Arizona folks,they will be here in a few days at The Celebrity Theater on September 30th.

Anvil - Monument of Metal
  Are Anvil really worthy of a "best of"? Absolutely!

Shin Joong Hyun - Beautiful Rivers and Mountains: Psychedelic Rock
  Shin who now? I had never heard of this Korean guitarist/songwriter/producer/arranger and all around rock star either,before I heard this album. It's a compilation that covers 1958-1974 and the one connecting factor is the tasty guitar throughout.

Axel Rudi Pell - Ballads IV
   Nice compilation of mellower songs from the former Steeler shred master. He adds to his list of unlikely ballad style covers (Kiss's Love Gun) with a couple new ones: Dio's Holy Diver and Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.

Hawkwind - Leave No Star Unturned: Cambridge January 1972
   Previously unreleased live music from the always adventurous space rock pioneers...and yes,this is the lineup that includes Lemmy.

Roy Harper - Songs of Love and Loss
  Think you've never heard of English folk/rock icon Roy Harper? If you're a fan of classic rock,you have and just don't know it. He is the gentleman given tribute to on the song Hats off to Harper on Led Zeppelin III. That's also him singing lead vocals on Pink Floyds Have a Cigar. He even recorded an excellent album with Jimmy Page in 1985 called Whatever happened to Jugula? Want to find out why so many British rock stars (including Pete Townshend,Ian Anderson and Kate Bush) admire him? Give this two Cd collection a listen.


The Magic Band - Oxford UK June 6 2005
   Assembled by drummer John French to celebrate the music of Captain Beefheart,this is a kind of  Magic Band Allstars. This is a version of the band that never officially existed before now and it's a blast to hear these guys play together. Especially awesome is the combo of guitarists Denny Walley and Gary Lucas. The biggest surprise is French leaving the drum duties to Michael Traylor and stepping out front to do an eerily good take on the Captains vocals and harmonica.

Beth Hart,Joe Bonamassa - Don't Explain
   So,not only is Joe Bonamassa skipping vacations this year,he must also be skipping things like eating and sleeping. How else do you explain his output in the past year or so?

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