Saturday, December 17, 2011

Collapsing bridge on an Alvarez Kazuo Yairi CY127CE

   We've covered similar things before here on Guitar Omnivore but I do like the Kazuo Yairi guitars and this one has some different things going on that made it fun. Over time,the saddle had acted like a wedge and
broken the front of the bridge right off. This will need a new bridge.

   While pretty hot stuff when this guitar was new in 1983,this pickup is now hopelessly out of date. Luckily,the owner doesn't ever use it so neither of us will miss it when it's gone.

  The nut isn't in great shape either. It's slots were worn down once,then moved over. Yikes!

Using some palate knives and heat gun will warm up the glue under the bridge for easy removal.
  A pair of aluminum foil sheets shaped into an "L" and a Spot Check surface thermometer lets me control the heat.
Patient and persistent use of the palate knives has lifted the bridge with minimal wood loss from the top. Exactly what we were hoping for.
   Thanks to the top being in such good shape and our bridge being new (part # GB 0854-0RF from Allparts) we can use hot hide glue for our glue. As you can see,erasers make great pads for our clamping cauls.
Here's our new bridge with a new bone saddle to match.
The nut has a traditional slanted bottom like you see on some Martin guitars.
With the original nut for comparison,it's pretty easy to rough in the new nut.
Our new bone nut. In a bit of self critique, I hope I smoothed out the back angle on the low E string. See how all the other strings head towards the tuner nice and smoothly? That's how they should all look.
...and here's our boy,looking and sounding a lot better.