Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rice Custom Guitar #141

   Check out this sweet Rice Custom guitar. The guitars owner was out in the store checking out amps when
I walked by and heard a great sounding guitar. When the guitar turned out to be a real looker,the owner was kind enough to let me snap a few photos.

   We've got an Osage orange neck and a body made of Osage orange,Walnut,Pecan and Mesquite. The pickups are a Velvet Hammer VHTBX in the bridge and a Lace Alumitone in the neck with a custom wired 5-way switch. It's got a fossil ivory nut, a D-tuner and is wired with Fret Fx lights.

 The B-Bender is a Bill Bores long throw. The fine workmanship on the cover and the lack of a B string ferrule leave little doubt the B-Bender was there from the beginning and not an add on.The blue tape is to obscure the custom neck plates photo of the owner's lady friend's...uh lady parts.

12/11/11 Update: Reader Jeremy Brieske let me know you can currently win a set of pickups from Rice guitars on their Facebook page: Thanks,Jeremy!

So,naturally,I checked out the Rice Custom guitar website here and found out there was a video of this very guitar:


tyrone millsaps said...

beautiful workmanship but leave off the bender!we truly love in the golden age of git build!

Phil Clark said...

Yep,the B-Bender is not for everyone. I'm sure they would be happy to make you one without it! I agree,we are in a great time for guitar builders and buyers alike. Thanks for commenting,Phil