Monday, January 31, 2011

Alice Cooper Vs. Robert Plant

Alice Cooper, American rock singer. Taken at t...Image via Wikipedia   So,with apologies for the non-guitar related content,this article bothered me a bit. One of my favorite singers has insulted another of my favorite singers. Alice Cooper has gotten on Robert Plants case about not touring with Led Zeppelin. He doesn't call Plant this directly but he then goes on to complain about "jaded old farts". I love and respect Alice Cooper but I think he is wrong,wrong,wrong!
Does Plant owe us anything? Do we really want to see a "going through the motions" Robert Plant sing? When you compare Plant's and Cooper's post 1980 careers side by side Plant has consistently put out music that can artistically go toe to toe with his early work and I'm sorry (after all I you to death...) but Cooper...has not. What do you folks think? Leave comments below if you like.

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Alice Cooper - Alice Cooper Blasts Robert Plant - Contactmusic News

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This Weeks Best Guitar Cds - Week of 01/25/2011

Bill Frisell, moers festival 2010Image via WikipediaBill Frisell and Vinicius Cantauria - Lagrimas Mexicanas
   Frisell's follow up to last years masterful "Beautiful Dreamers" is a collaboration with Brazillian vocalist/guitarist Vinicius Cantauria,who observant Frisell followers will remember from 2004's "The Intercontinentals". Cowriting all the songs,Cantauria does percussion duty along with guitar and vocals and Frisell brings his bag of looping magic tricks for a thick,detailed texture. This is the kind of dense and layered music that rewards multiple hearings. Frisell has a habit of picking collaborators who really listen to each other and Cantauria is no exception. The interplay between the two is on par with the best of his long list of sympathetic companions. We're not even done with January and I have a contender for my favorite album of the year.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Weeks Best Guitar Cds - Week of 01/18/2011

Photo of musician Gregg Allman in concert.Image via WikipediaGregg Allman - Low Country Blues
   Hey,how did we let a keyboard player sneak in here? Relax,Greg Allman knows a bit about guitar players. In addition to playing some of the guitar tracks himself,he brings in Doyle Bramhall II to ensure tasty playing throughout. Having built his career on reinterpreting the blues,Allman doesn't disappoint here. Along with one original (co-written by Warren Haynes),the selection is all classic blues covers. It sounds like producer T-Bone Burnett has wisely had the band play together live,rather than overdub parts piece by piece (imagine that!). It doesn't hurt that the rhythm section is Dennis Crouch and Jay Bellrose,the bassist and drummer on the Robert Plant/Alison Krauss Raising Sand album. With the Allman Brothers Band keeping Greg busy,it's been 14 years in between solo albums,but for Greg Allman fans,this one was worth the wait.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Weeks Best Guitar Cds - Week of 01/11/2011

John Scofield at Moers Festival 2006, GermanyImage via Wikipedia
John Scofield - Out Like a Light
  So,for the first time since beginning this article,my most anticipated Cd of the week is a reissue. That should be no surprise,as we are apparently watching the slow self destruction of the mainstream record industry. Recorded in 1981 "Out Like a Light" is one half of an evening with Scofield,the other half being released as "Shinola".  While it has long been available as an import in the $50-$60 range,it has finally seeing domestic release at a price we working folk can afford. So,what's all the fuss about? This is prime early Scofield, in trio mode with Steve Swallow and Adam Nussbaum,both supplying attentive and sensitive support. Swallow,in particular,plays with time and tempo,seemingly inside the tempo of the others,while maintaining his bassist role.
   If you've not heard Scofield's pre-stereo chorus late 70's-early 80's tone,by all means,check this out. Aggressive and slightly mean,even on ballads,it's still warm (ahem) and is timeless in a way his mid 80's tone is not. Musically,he is already writing his own tunes and the live format lets them stretch out.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Vibramate Makes Bigsby Mod Reversible!

Here's a cool product that's been around a while that I got to check out recently. It's the Vibramate Bigsby vibrato adaptor kit. This adaptor plate comes in a few different models that allow you to install a Bigsby vibrato on your guitar with out drilling holes!
  In this example I've used the Vibramate V5 which allows you to install a Bigsby B5 onto almost any guitar with a Tune-o-Matic/stop tailpiece style bridge. Note the Schaller roller bridge,a popular combo with the Bigsby. We also replaced the stock neck pickup with a Seymour Duncan Phat Cat. This turned an ordinary Gibson Les Paul Studio into a "rockabilly meets Neil Young on a budget" vibe. This mod is completely reversible so if you've always wanted to try a Bigsby but didn't want to drill holes in your favorite guitar, give the Vibramate a look.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This Weeks Best Guitar Cds - Week of 01/04/2011

Jake Shimabukuro performing in Joshua Tree, Ca...Image via WikipediaJake Shimabukuro - Peace Love Ukulele
   Alright,say it with me, she-ma-boo-koo-row. That wasn't so difficult,was it? With the ukulele enjoying a current rise in popularity,Shimabukuro seems poised to be its defacto representative for virtuoso mastery of the diminutive instrument. With several albums already under his belt,his artistic and emotional depth is now matching his technical mastery. He weaves in influences from rock,jazz and classical with casual effortlessness. Under an others hands,a cover of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody might have come of as silly or a gimmick. Shimabukuro turns it into a fun virtuoso showpiece that fits right in with some of the other more "serious" pieces. While he already has quite a following,I think Peace Love Ukulele will increase the fold of Shimabukuro fans and inspire folks who haven't already to pick up a ukulele and start playing!

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some Thoughts on 2010 from Guitar Omnivore

  Well,first off,I'll spare you a "10 best of 2010" list (you're welcome) but I will recommend you check out Micheal Lopez's eerily spot on "Every Music Critic's Year-End Top 10 list Explained" article here:

  Also,if I did do a list,number one would have to be Bill Frisell - Beautiful Dreamers. If you don't have this already,for the love of all that is holy,get it! No musician in any genre made better music in 2010.

   So,the grand plan was to have Guitar Omnivore debut on January 1st,2010. Those of you paying attention will note it started promptly...on June 28th. This blogging thing was harder than I thought. It might as well be titled "Watch as Phil learns how to take photos and write articles"...Guitar Omnivore definitely has more of a ring to it. I'm not sure if I have regular readers or not but if I do,I'm sure you've noticed I've been coasting a bit through November and December. After four visits to the doctor and trying six different drugs,it appears my health issues are resolved. Now,all I'm hemorrhaging is money! (I guess money to pay the doctor bills is a better choice than money for new music...but not by much.) I'll try and do better in 2011.