Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kamaka HP1 ukulele - then and now!

 The ukulele is an instrument that rises and falls in popularity. In case you haven't noticed,the petite instrument is currently very popular again and shows no signs of  loosing favor any time soon. I recently had
two fine examples of the ukulele's longevity pass through the repair shop. These two Kamaka HP1 models came in within days of each other. The first one is from 1969 and the second is a 2009 model.

1969 HP1

2009 HP1

The 1969 model even had the original hang tag that folds out to tell a bit of the Kamaka ukulele story. I never realized that Samuel Kamaka studied under Manuel Nunes,who is considered the inventor of the ukulele. You never know when and where you might learn something!

  The biggest difference between the two,aside from the abalone logo on the headstock of the 2009 model was the size of the side dot:



Although the Koa wood top of the 1969 model is a bit understated,it's book-matched back really shines:

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