Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lifting frets on a 1965 Martin D-35-12

 Here's a gorgeous example of a 1965 Martin D-35-12. It's got a slot headstock, a twelve fret neck/body and the three piece back of the 35 series. It's in great shape,with one glaring exception. The frets are popping right out of the fingerboard!

This can be caused by the fingerboard wood shrinking,dirt and sweat working it's way into the fret slot or both! (A good reminder to clean your fingerboard once in a while!) Needles to say,this doesn't exactly help with tone,intonation or ease of play.

After adding a bit of paste wax to the fingerboard,we'll slide a bit of water thin super glue into the fret slot.

You can see it soaking into our fret slot. After a quick dab with some acetone on a shop towel we'll clamp it down.

Here's "Jaws",Stewart MacDonald's hand held arbor press,clamping our fret into place. You can spot the plastic pipette I used to apply the glue and the bit of acetone soaked blue shop towel underneath.

Here's the glue squeeze out after "Jaws" does his work. Thanks to the paste wax on the fingerbord,the glue will easily come up with a razor blade.

Here's our fingerboard,all cleaned up and ready for some strings.

You've already seen the completed guitar up top,but I couldn't leave out the fantastic three piece back with it's beautiful Brazilian rosewood. 

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