Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Lefty Les Paul gets a new life!


  Oh, this poor Gibson Les Paul! This lefty was more abused than used when it stopped by the shop for some love and attention. A poorly fit nut,some crazy electronics and some of the worst frets I've ever seen are just part of the story.

Here's our first clue that things have gone awry. Two of the pots shafts are solid and one used tape to help hold on the knob!? Huh?
That's four,count 'em,FOUR different kind of pots in there.
The pickups,a Seymour Duncan and a Bill Lawrence were certainly good pickups but were poorly installed and didn't really sound good together. They would be replaced by a Seymour Duncan Distortion set.
This cheap plastic nut was just glued on with no attempt to fit properly or to correct the slot height. It will be replaced with a proper bone nut.
In an apparent attempt at the super low "fretless wonder" frets,the poor guys have been filed away to nothing in many spots. Enough problems,let's start fixing things!

With the frets removed, a bit of chalk will tell me where my radius block has sanded and where it hasn't.
Here's our prepped fingerboard and our fret wire ready to go.
I really like the aluminum radius blocks from Stew Mac. Using the same block to level the board and frets,then using it as a clamping caul really leads to less fret removal during the leveling.
Using a bit of tape and a shorter block to add a bit of "fall away" to the end of the board.
You've already seen the cardboard jig in action here. This time we're putting in genuine left handed CTS pots,part number EP 0086-L00 from Allparts.
Here's a nice "before" shot of our tailpiece...
...and "after".
New frets,looking better!
All done!


Hobbio said...
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Hobbio said...

Well rescued, it must be a million times better. There's an unintentional update now that Gibson have started doing the fret over binding thing too lol.

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